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Two of the original documents recording the property owners of Lurucina in 1831.

Original 1831 Ottoman document
ML_VRD_TMT_d____16152_00024. 1833

The list of the Greek speaking members of our community. Please note that the second from last gentleman (name unknown) on the list is registered as being a hundred years old, born in 1731,

Bu liste Köyün Rum isimlerini verir. Dikkat edin ki listenin sonundan ikinci olan erkek yüz yaşında olduğunu belgelendi, yani 1731 doğumlu

Names of the Greek inhabitants of Lurucina in the 1831 census. The name of the village in the census was written as Burucina

Dimitrinin oğlu Marko elli yaşında. Born/doğduğu tarih 1781
Dimitrinin oğlu Vasili kırk yaşında Born/doğduğu tarih 1791

Anastasinin oğlu Hristoğli. otuz yaşında. Born/doğduğu tarih 1901
oğlu Milna? bir aylık.
Anastasi oğlu Pedri kırk yaşında. Born/doğduğu tarih 1781
Yorginin oğlu Kostanti 45 yaşında. Born/doğduğu tarih 1776
Anastasinin oğlu Kipriyagu 35 yaşında. Born/doğduğu tarih 1786

Pedrinin oğlu Yorgi. 27 yaşında Born/doğduğu tarih 1804
Pedrinin oğlu Kostanti kırk yaşında Born/doğduğu tarih 1791

Kostantinin oğlu Pedri iki yaşında. Born/doğduğu tarih 1829
diğer oğlu Kipriyagu 6 aylık
Mihailin oğlu Nikola 30 yaşında Born/doğduğu tarih 1801
Mihailin oğlu Pedri Mide 25. Born/doğduğu tarih 1806
Pedrinin oğlu Mihali 1 Born/doğduğu tarih 1830

Yorginin oğlu Kostanti 45. Born/doğduğu tarih 1786
Kostantinin oğlu Pedri 10. Born/doğduğu tarih 1821
diğer oğlu Yorgi 7 Born/doğduğu tarih 1824
diğeri Yanni 5 Born/doğduğu tarih 1826
diğeri Luizi 3 Born/doğduğu tarih 1828
diğeri Mihail 1 Born/doğduğu tarih 1830

Luizinin oğlu Mihali 27. Born/doğduğu tarih Born 1804

Anastasinin oğlu Mihail 25 Born/doğduğu tarih 1806

Yorginin oğlu Pedri 77 Born/doğduğu tarih 1754
Yorginin oğlu Anastasi 85 Born/doğduğu tarih 1746-
Anastasiniin oğlu Kostanti 55. Born/doğduğu tarih 1776
oğlu Haralambu 3. Born/doğduğu tarih 1828

diğer oğlu Kiryagu 1 Born/doğduğu tarih 1830
yakini ....... ?. 100 yaşında (Belge anlaşılmadığından dolayı bu köylümüzün ismi çıkarılamadı, As the document was damaged it has not been possible to identify the name of this person, his year of birth/doğduğu tarih would have been in 1731)

Hristofinin oğlu Mihail. 80. Born/doğduğu tarih 1751

Nufus sayimin tarihi 12 Nisan 1831 (date of census 12 April 1831)
kodu TŞR_KB_d_00043_0100 ve 0167 numaralı sayfalar. 0100 isimlerin yazdığı sayfalar. 0167 tarihin yazdığı sayfa.

Burdaki Oku tiklarsaniz sayfanin devami açilir
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Names of the 1833 property owners. 1833 mal sahiplerin isimleri

Due to the lack of lakabs on the list it was hard to know exactly who the individuals were. Looking at the first 2 generations and checking the 1831 T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri, TŞR.KB.d.00040 numaralı defterin 45 ve 46 numaralı sayfalar, and comparing the 1833 list of Muslim names, It was possible to work many of them out. The Numbers given are those that they were registered in the 1831 census. I have highlighted the known family names in yellow in order to make them more recognizable to readers. I apologize if any mistakes have been made in this most difficult identification.

Başbakanlık Osmanlı arşivlerininML.VRD.TMT.d.16152 numaralı defterinin 49-52. Sayfaları. Luricina köyü. 1833 yılı.

Hüseyin Mustafa. Emlakı: 1 oda, 50 dönüm tarla, 4 dönüm bağ, 5 dönüm harman yeri (possibly Huseyin Skufidi Person No; 66)

Mustafa Mehmet .Emlakı: 1 oda, 40 dönüm tarla, 3 dönüm bağ, 40 keçi, 1 öküz, 30 zeytin ağacı, 1 dönüm harman yeri. (either Kara Mustafa Mehmet Kadri 'Hrisafi, or Mustafa Mehmet Said 'Kazmalevri'. Person No's; 52 &77)

İsmail Mehmet.Emlakı: 1 oda, 60 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 3 dönüm bağ, 10 keçi koyun, 6 zeytin ağacı, 2 harman yeri (Ismail Mehmet Gaccari, Mehmet Katri family. Person No; 72)

Yusuf ve kardeşi Veleddin ?Veli. Emlakı: 1oda, 15 dönüm tarla, 3 dönüm bağ, 60 adet koyun. The only Veli & Yusuf close to each other on the 1831 census was an orphan boy Yusuf, and a Veli with no other family. But their surnames do not match. Person No's; 55 & 56

Yusuf Mehmet. Emlakı: 1 oda, 80 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 14 dönüm bağ, 50 koyun, 7 zeytin, 1 harman (Yusuf Mehmet 'Aga'. The Kadri familyPerson No; 51)

Osman Ali .Emlakı: 1 oda, 20 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 2 dönüm bağ (Osman Ali Kuri from the Porto & Alikko family)

Yusuf Süleyman .Emlakı:1 oda, 60 dönüm tarla, 2 dönüm bağ, 1 öküz, 10 koyun, 2 zeytin, 2 harman ( Yusuf Süleyman 'Kavukko'. Person No; 95)

Mustafa Muslu .Emlakı: 1 oda, 60 dönüm tarla, 2 dönüm bağ, 1 öküz, 1 harman (Akai, from the Muslu family? )

İbrahim Süleyman. Emlakı: 1 oda, 80 dönüm tarla, 5 dönüm bağ, 40 koyun, 1 öküz, 5 zeytin, 2 harman ( İbrahim Süleyman 'Camuri'? person No; 90)

Murat Süleyman. Emlakı: 1 oda, 30 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 1 harman (Murat Süleyman Cidari Person No; 8)

İsmail Mustafa. Emlakı: 1 oda, 50 dönüm tarla, 3 dönüm bağ, 1 öküz, 1 dönüm harman yeri, 10 koyun. There were only 2 Ismail Mustafa's recorded in 1831. One was only 5 years old however.(person No; 53 from the Mehmet Kadri family). The other was recorded as a dilenci, a beggar, (person No; 100) Its unlikely either could have owned such a large amount of land and animals. Unless 'dilenci was simply a nickname from his family. This is purely speculative a bit of an unsolved mystery.

Hüseyin Hasan .Emlakı: 1 oda, 85 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 9 koyun. ( Hasan Hüseyin Topal person No; 86. born 1791)

Mustafa Mehmet. Emlakı: 1 oda, 20 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 5 koyun, 2 dönüm bağ, 1 zeytin, 1 harman

Hüseyin Mustafa. Emlakı: 1 oda, 80 dönüm tarla, 2 dönüm bağ, 1 harman

Yusuf İbrahim. Emlakı: 1 oda, 120 dönüm tarla, 2 öküz, 6 dönüm bağ, 8 koyun, 6 zeytin, 2 dönüm harman (Yusuf İbrahim Garaoli person No; 59 )

Yusuf Hasan. Emlakı: 1 oda, 1 öküz

Muslu Ali. Emlakı: (The Muslu family)1 oda, 80 dönüm tarla, 6 dönüm bağ, 40 koyun, 2 öküz, 10 zeytin, 1 harman

Osman Yusuf (The Silioni family). Emlakı: 1 oda, 40 dönüm tarla, 1 dönüm bağ, 1 öküz

İbrahim Hasan. Emlakı: 1 oda, 50 dönüm tarla, 5 koyun, 1 öküz, 4 dönüm bağ, 5 zeytin, 1 harman

Veleddin İsmail. Emlakı:1 oda, 30 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 1 harman

Ali Mustafa. Emlakı: 1 oda, 60 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 30 koyun, 1 dönüm bağ, 1 harman

Hasan İsmail. Emlakı: 1 oda, 15 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 50 koyun, 1 dönüm bağ, 1 harman yeri

Ramazan Mehmet. Emlakı: 1 oda, 40 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 2 dönüm bağ, 5 keçi, 5 zeytin, 1 harman

İbrahim Süleyman. Emlakı: 1 oda, 30 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 8 koyun, 2 zeytin

Yusuf Mustafa .Emlakı: 1 oda, 40 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 5 zeytin, 6 dönüm bağ, 1 …. Değirmeni, 1 harman yeri ( Yusuf Mustafa Silioni. Person No; 39).

Hüseyin İsmail. Emlakı: 1 oda, 2 dönüm tarla

Mustafa Yusuf. Emlakı: 1 oda, 30 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 5 koyun, 2 dönüm bağ, 3 zeytin, 1 harman ( Mustafa Yusuf 'Silioni'. Person No; 43)

Mustafa Süleyman. Emlakı: 1 oda ( Of uncertain family origin. Person No; 97 born 1801)

Hüseyin Mehmet. Emlakı: 1 oda, 60 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 2 dönüm bağ, 4 koyun, 1 zeytin, 1 harman

İbrahim Hüseyin. Emlakı: 1 oda, 26 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz

İbrahim Mustafa. Emlakı: 2 oda, 100 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 6 dönüm bağ, 20 koyun ve keçi, 1 harman yeri ( İbrahim Mustafa Garaoli person No;3. born 1801)?

Mustafa Hasan. Emlakı: 1 oda, 80 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 2 dönüm bağ, 1 harman

Mustafa Ömer. Emlakı: 1 oda, 80 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 11 zeytin, 2 dönüm bağ, 5 koyun, 1 harman yeri, Aytotro köyünde tuz kaynağı, 6 zeytin. ( Mustafa Ömer 'Birini' family. Person No; 29).

Mustafa Mehmet. Emlakı: 1 oda, 80 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 2 dönüm bağ, 3 keçi, 3 zeytin, 1 harman, karısının malı 7 zeytin ağacı. (either Kara Mustafa Mehmet Kadri 'Hrisafi, or Mustafa Mehmet Said 'Kazmalevri'. Person No's; 52 &77)

Hasan Mehmet. Emlakı: 1 oda, 80 dönüm tarla, 5 dönüm bağ, 1 öküz, 20 koyun, 5 zeytin, 1 dönüm harman

İbrahim Mustafa. emlakı: 1 oda, 80 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 2 dönüm bağ, 40 koyun, 1 tosun, 1 harman yeri. There were 4 individuals by the same name in the1831 census. One was only 1 years old. The remaining were from the Garaoli, Danelli and one unidentied individual

Hasan Hüseyin. Emlakı:1 oda, 100 dönüm tarla, 10 dönüm bağ, 30 koyun, 10 zeytin (Hasan Hüseyin Topal person No; 80 )

Yusuf Mehmet. Emlakı:1 oda, 60 dönüm tarla, 1 öküz, 1 dönüm bağ, 5 koyun, 2 zeytin

Mustafa İbrahim. ('Mattaga'. From the Garaoli family?) Emlakı: 2 oda, 50 dönüm tarla, 2 öküz, 60 koyun, 5 dönüm bağ, Limya köyünde 25 adet zeytin ağacı.

Gilles Grivaud the French researcher in the book, ''The Archaeology of Past and Present in the Malloura Valley, edited by Derek Counts, P. Nick Kardulias, and Michael Toumazou, 2012''. have helped our knowledge on the local history surrounding Lurucina. Their information gives us some informative details of the villages and populations around Lurucina in the last years of Venetian rule. The details may be from the 1562 or 1565 records.

the few villages mentioned.
Malloura 81
Athienou / Atirne 61
S Zorzi (Petrofan ? ) 1
Damidia / Damalia) 31
Lympia 88
Louroujina / Lorthina 186
Potamia 66
Dhali 158.

One of the most interesting records which gives us an opportunity to make some comparisons with the village under the Venetians is the first tax valuation carried out on Lurucina ( Named Lorthina at the time ) by the Ottomans in 1572. This is because of Halil Inalcik's research in 1969 of his Ottoman policy and administration in Cyprus after the conquest.
The following information is on page 21 table 2.

Population Ispenje
Households 24 Adult males 27
Batchelors 3 Total tax 810
Widows 0
Wheat 900
Barley 1,050
Flax -
Cotton -
Fruits 975
Olives 55
Beehives 10
Cocoons -
Garden produce -
Sheep-tax 20
Pig-tax 40
Fines & other dues 95
From properties without heirs etc 75
Rural guardianship -
Mills -
Total; 4,030.

The Jizye (Military exemption tax) for Lurucina was about 26-27% of the total tax paid by the Christians in the first Ottoman census. The burden of having to work at least 2 days a week for their Venetian Lords was reduced to one day; this must have been a great relief for the people of Lurucina as the extra day gave them the opportunity to concentrate on their own crops. Another advantage soon became apparent, as the landless peasants were allowed to keep the land they worked on a ''perpetual lease,'' with the right to pass on their holdings to their sons, this in effect turned the peasants into land owners. Title deed registrations did not come into effect however until the mid 1800s. A sworn testimony by at least 2 witnesses and the local Imam or priest was sufficient to prove ownership of land.

Lurucina's tax liability for 1572.
Jizye Total of all taxes percentage of tax average tax burden
collected in kind per adult male
1,620 5,704 54 210

Judging from the above tax payers population we can come to a rough estimate that the women were in equal number and perhaps half the population may have been children. Some disabled, or old men were of course exempt. With Turkish settlers still not in large numbers a fair guess for 1572 would be that the people were predominantly Christian.

The 1612 Cizye (Christian tax) census. From the Republic of Turkey National Archives. Doc No; 5084

The 1612 census did not change the statistics of the 1572 Ottoman census of Lurucina very much. The only difference is that in 1612 they were recorded according to their status. These were 8 poor (ednâ) cizye tax payers, 2 medium (evsât ) cizye tax payers and 15 rich (!) (a’lâ) cizye tax payers. The difference probably reflected the amount of land and tax each household paid. How much difference there was from rich to poor is not very clear.


The centre script is the part of the document recording Lurucina's inhabitants in 1612
Below is the full page. The above script has been cropped from the third line from top, left page.


Information below is from the 1672-73 Ottoman census A-03618 Numarali Cizye Defteri 1672-73 (Hicri yil 1083-84 Ekim kasim) karye-i Lurocine, Lefkosa. Yekun Hane 38

Names of the main home owners and Cizye tax payers of the village. The 38 main homeowners name below
Petro Baba Bali and Baba Petro Baba Anistas were probably the village priests

Bati Anistas
Havaf Perolimo
Guril Pe kolo
Kesiris Bati
Yorgi Agino
Perolimo Agino Rolimo
Peneri Bali
Nikolo Penero
Kerigiko Luviro
Kerigiko Nikolo
Perolimo Agino
Petro Mayusil

Benardi Kerigiko
Anistas Kerigiko
Anistas Hirbako
Perasuga Huvaf
Hristodulo Guril
Bati Petro
Kerigiko Kesite
Nikolo Yuvandro
Perolimo Yorgi
Yorgimi Yorgi
Benardi Kerigiko
Prolimo Benaliya

Dimitri Kuki
Istorye Istorye
Snalisa Hirbako
Snalisa Perolimo
Istorye Kelino
Mayusil Hristodiye
Perolimo Bali
Prolimo Guril
Yorgimi Hristodulo
Kesiris Perolimo
Perolimo Peneri
Yuandro Nikolo
Perolimo Kesiris

The document below is the 03924 Cizye records for the year 1650. Its from the Kamil Kepeci Cizye Muhasebe Kalemi and it's page 148, which is a summary of Cyprus's records of the period. It consists of a total of 148 Ottoman pages which is roughly 450-500 A4. The archive documents records every Cizye tax payer in Cyprus for the year 1650.

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