Court cases news articles & trivia from 1880's-1950's. Many in the Greek script


Translation Courtesy of Panicos Nickiforou

Note; It's not a word for word translation as the Greek and English text is not always easy to translate exactly. apologies if there are odd mistakes


Yesterday at around 8:00 a.m., in the central prison in Nicosia, the hanging of the two brothers Mustafa Patta and Yusuf Bairam Pourounti from Louroutzina took place, as is known they were given the ultimate punishment of death at the Court of Assizes for murdering the priest of Louroutzina.
At the place of execution were present the Governor of Nicosia, the director of prisons, the provincial doctor and his assistant.
The two convicts trembling and almost being pulled to the scaffold, and all the time until the time of execution they calling for mercy and uttering the words "Mary (Panayia), help us." Only one of the two brothers, at the last moment when the loop was placed around his neck, cried aloud: "stop I want to talk to you." But it was too late, because the gallows had already done its work.

Eleftheria (Freedom) Journal, 10.12.1924.



An Ottoman from Louroujina named Hasan Mourat was arrested for the theft of a postal bag. The theft happened at the road between Larnaca and Nicosia and we wrote about it in one of our previous sheets. He was brought to court by the police this week
In the hands of the Ottoman had been seized various perfume bottles, obviously from the stolen postal bag.

Translation Courtesy of Panicos Nickiforou



Ahmet Ali Rauf from Louroutzina complained yesterday to the police that unknown persons stole from him cigarettes of with a total value of £6.13.5 ½
Freedom (Eleftheria) Journal, 3.9.1949

Bedasi article 2

Translation by courtesy of Mikis Hadjineophytou

From “Eleftheria” newspaper, 24.10.1953

Ismail Arif Petasis from Louroudjina, was yesterday referred to the Criminal Court, accused of escaping from prison where he was serving a 12 year sentence for carrying out a robbery.
At yesterday’s hearing, Christakis Constantinou, the prison warden who helped in the arrest, told the Court the following:
On September 18 he was on leave, visiting Limassol with his wife. At 9 a.m. he and his wife, riding his motorbike, went to visit Aglaitsa Pavlou in Androutsou Street. As they were lead into the hall, he heard a street vender shout “I have good pomegranates”. The vender held a bicycle on which there was a “siriza” (I do not know what this is ismail). The vender was Arif Ismail Petasis.
He gave his wife one shilling and asked her to buy pomegranates while he went to an adjacent window and watched carefully to confirm his suspicion. His wife called the vender who approached and the warden made sure that the vender was indeed the wanted fugitive.
He then took his motorbike and went to phone the Police Station, returning immediately to meet his wife who informed him that the man with the pomegranates moved towards St Andreas Street. He rode his motorcycle once again and followed closely the fugitive. They went through St Andreas Street and Rigainis Street and entered Richmond Palmer Street. Here, he approached Petasis to within 5 yards.
Both then moved to Eleftherios Venizelos Street where his motorcycle touched the back wheel of Petasis’s bicycle. Petasis turned towards the Prison warden who was wearing his uniform and shouted at him in a threatening tone “turn back re for I will shoot you”. At the same time he put his right hand into the right pocket of his trousers. He then climbed down his bike, through the siriza off, then climbed back onto the bike and started running to avoid arrest.
The warden immediately used his police whistle. The two men run through Richmond Palmer and Olympion Streets and entered the Public Garden. Here, Petasis threatened the warden for a third time. He steered his motorcycle onto the bicycle of Petasis and due to the impact both men were thrown onto the ground. The two men struggled and Petasis managed to grab the police whistle from the mouth of the warden and threw it as far away as he could.
In the meantime, some citizens came to the scene. Andreas Kaffas was hit on the hand by a stone thrown by Petasis and left shouting “my God, my hand. He hit me”. At that critical moment some policemen arrived, arrested Petasis and drove him to the Central Prisons in Nicosia.
Petasis was taken to the Criminal Court with hands and feet tied with chains!


Translation , courtesy of Panicos Nikiforou

Governors Tour
The Nicosia Governor Mr. Montagu visited the morning of the day before yesterday (Sunday) the villages Nissou, Idalion (Dali), Lympia and Louroutzina.
On Monday morning he visited Syrianochori.

Anexartitos Journal, 01/04/1939 (Independent Journal, 01/04/1939)


Translation. Courtesy of Panicos Nikiforou


In Louroutzina work will be carried out on anti corrosion works, which will benefit an area of 200 skales. 2/3 of the cost will be paid by the Government and the third by the land owners not in cash, but by working

Important note' 200 skales is roughly 50 acres of land. Each Skala or dönüm in Turkish is about 1000 Square metres

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