'Gatsura' part 3. İbrahım Mehmet 'Paça' The Üçokka, Gondoz, Minnoş, Damdelen, Gutso, Kel-Ali, Muhtar, Çemberli & Gukudi are part of this family group.


In addition to the personal collection of Ismail Veli, the photos on this page have kindly been shared by the following persons.

Veli Çufoğlu


Yusuf Ali 'Üçokka' in the British army WW2


Ayse Yusuf 'Galaba/Phsillo wife of Yusuf Ali 'Üçokka'

Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 14

Courtesy of Martyn Ahmet Minnoş

Martyn Minnoş, Kathleen, & father Yusuf Minnoş - 1958

Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 11

Ahmet Minnoş 1952-53. Courtesy of Martyn Ahmet Minnoş

Burdaki Oku tiklarsaniz sayfanin devami açilir
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Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 8
Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 6

Erol Ucokka Minnos and Marion Ucokka Minnos Meltem Sukan and Sean Ucokka 'Minnos' (engaged)

Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 18

Nicola, Sarah and Sean

Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 9

Sarah Ahmet 'Minnos' and Will (married) Huseyin Hussein and Nicola Ucokka 'Minnos' (engaged)

Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 12

from left to right- the little boy is Sean Üçokka Minnoş (son of my brother Erol)
my father Yusuf, my brother Sean Anthony Üçokka Minnos, my grandfather Ahmet Yusuf Minnoş , next Sarah Ahmet Minnoş (daughter of Erol), then Marion Üçokka Minnoş (wife of Erol)

Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 15

Erol, 'Big' Ahmet (eldest son of Hatice), my brother Sean, my father Yusuf, me, my mother Kathleen- 1973

Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 16

L to R- Nidai (my father's brother), my father, Hariye (eldest daughter of Hatice and Mustafa), Shenal (her husband), me, my mother, and my brother Erol. 1976

Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 17

From Left standing. Nidai Ahmet Minnos Hariye (bride) Shenal . Martyn Ahmet Minnos, Kathleen Minnos, & Erol
kneeling. Hatice,Ahmet Minnos her son Ibrahim, her husband Mustafa. 1976

The following photos have been shared by courtesy of Hasan Mustafa 'Damdelen' (BBC))

Hasan BBC 1
Hasan BBC 2
Hasan BBC 3
Hasan BBC 4
Hasan BBC 5
Hasan BBC 6
Hasan BBC 9
Hasan BBC 8
Hasan BBC 7
Hasan BBC 11
Hasan BBC 10
Hasan BBC 12
Hasan BBC 13
Hasan BBC 15
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Hasan BBC 16

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