Veli Mustafa 'Kirlapo, Lurto'  Veli Mustafa 'Kirlapo, Lurto'


The photos on this page are from the private collection of Ismail Veli

Yuksel 4

Veli & Rahme Kirlapo 2nd from left Kartal, Kamil Veli 'Kirlapo' & Veleddin 'Subi'

Yuksel 3

Standing from left. Serife Kirlapu' Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo', Rahme 'Kirlapo', Kamil 'Kirlapo', Hatice 'Kirlapo'

kneeling from left. Ali, Kamuran 'Kirlapo', Sengul Mehmet 'Skordo'

Ali and Nafiye

Yuksel 6

3rd from left standing. Fatma 'Badadina', Sermin Cahit, 6th Rahme Yusuf 'Bizzimbi'. Rahme 'Kirlapo'. Yusuf Osman Bizzimbi

Yuksel 7
Yuksel 5

Halil ve Katriye 'Kirlapo' Serife Kirlapu (daha once Serife Mehmet Kavaz) kizi Kamuran ve Ali

Yuksel 9
Yuksel 8

Kamil, Ali & Mehmet Veli Kirlapo from left. Hatice, Mehmet, Sengul Mehmet 'Skordo', Katriye and in front Emine Mehmet Skordo

Yuksel 10
Yuksel 11

from left Kamil, Katriye, Rahme, Mehmet, Kamuran. All siblings from the Kirlapo family except for Halil 'Dalili'. Both photos are the same persons

Yuksel 13
Yuksel 12

Katriye and Halil 'Dalilil' standing Rahme, Halil, Katriye, and Kamuran at the back. front. Kamil & Mehmet

Yuksel 15
Yuksel 14

Kamil Veli 'Kirlapo' Kamuran and Ali 'Iskeleli'

Yuksel 16
Yuksel 17

Kamuran, Rahme & Katriye Rahme, Ali, Kamuran. Kneeling at the rear is Kamil Veli 'Kirlapo'

Yuksel 18
Yuksel 19

standing from left; Kamuran, Rahme, ? From left. Kamuran, Rahme, Halil, Katriye. Seated is Serife 'Kirlapu'
front only Sermin seated on the chair is known

Yuksel 20

Mehmet, Kamuran, Ali, Rahme, Kamil

Yuksel 22

from left. Rahme, Ali, Kamuran, Kamil

Yuksel 23
Yuksel 21

Sermin Cahit on left Kamuran and Rahme

Yuksel 25
Yuksel 24

..from left. Ali, Kamil, Halil. standing from left. Halil, Mehmet, Rahme, Kamuran, Ali. Front, Kamil

Yuksel 26
Yuksel 27

From left Rahme, Serife 'Kirlapu', Mehmet, Ali, Kamuran from left Kamuran, Ali, Kamuran

Yuksel 28

From left. Emine, Rahme, Sengul Mehmet 'Skordo'

Yuksel 29
Yuksel 30

Cigdem Pasa, Sabriye, Sermin Cigdem Pasa & Sermin

Yuksel 31

4th from left. ' Veli 'Kirlapo',Rahme, Sengul, Serife 'Kirlapu', Hatice, Kamuran

Yuksel 33
Yuksel 35

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