Murder of the priest and murder trial of 1924
Part 1

Page 1 Doc; 004-040 (041-074 on page 2) Complete court documents from the 1924 murder trial of Mustafa Bairam 'Pattas' & Yousouf Bairam 'Pourounti'

The documents of the court case were collected from the National archives by Mustafa Izzet a relative of Mustafa and Yusuf Bairam. Mustafa bey asked me to decipher the writing in return he has given his kind permission to share these valuable historic archives on this website for the benefit of our village folk, and anyone interested in the history of our village.

The Enosis Plebiscite in Lurucina on 25 March 1921[1] created a lot of tension in the village. Papa Charalambous Michelides signature as head of the Lurucina Church can be seen on the left below the name of the village. The advances made by the Greek army in Turkey between 1919-1921 created an atmosphere of confidence that a Christianising policy by the priest would be successful. Sadly this finally led to his murder and subsequently the hanging of the two brothers Moustafa Bairam Pattas and Yousouf Bairam Pou

[1] Biblion du phsithisman 1921 by the Cyprus information office.


Doc No; 006
1. Moustafa Bairam Pattas
2. Yousouf Bairam Pourounti of Lourijina
Sentenced to death by the Nicosia
Assizes on the 7th Nov 1924

court case 1924 2

The death sentence was given on 17 November 1924.

Akincilar (Lurucina) Türkleri'nin Yüzyllk Varolu Mücadelesi. Sayfa 44.
by Hasan Yücelen

court case 1924

The hanging as shown in the above document was confirmed on the 20th November 1924

From. Akıncılar (Lurucina) Türkleri'nin Yüzyıllık Varoluş Mücadelesi. Sayfa 44. by Hasan Yücelen


called him & Osman went

out & 1st accused called him

to come & kill the priest

Osman objected the 1st accused

then called up the 2nd accused

who threatened Osman with

a knife when he

to go & they went towards

deceased's Osman's

bed with them &

of accused

went to the corner & picked

up an axe & putting down

the club
which 2nd accused
picked up the axe was a

sharp one with 2 blades

I st accused passed around

the deceased's home & came round

from the other side & all

this went deceased

was sleeping , the 2 nd accused

& Osman stood near his

feet & 1 st accused with axe

to really & propose

too much is in the defence

to it.

Chief witness for crown

was present & saw the murder

deceased was a priest living

in his house close to the

half way house on the Louroujina


On the 24th Sept he

was seen leaving the cafe

at about 8 pm

later on Osman

Hassan Karaoli in his

nothing his room

visible from the road

Osman went to bed &

was wakened later by the

1 st accused
who was

from Osman's

Doc No; 008


one in his hand & other

behind him the 1 st accused

struck with ? a blow on

the right side of the head

near the ear the 2 nd accused

held the hands of deceased (shorthand)

down with the bed

the 2 accused said to

give it to him & 1 st accused

hit him again The

deceased was kicking & they

& the 2 nd accused threatened to

do Osman in if he did

not hold his feet which

Osman did the 1st accused

then struck 3 more blows

Osman tried to call out

& 2 nd accused held his thighs

he then hit him & took

out a handkerchief ? & the

1 st accused gave him another

blow with the axe

they approached him

& Osman went (or walked ) about 5

paces away when 2 nd accused
followed him & threatened

to kill him if he spoke

the 1 'st accused came up &

2 nd accused gave him the

handkerchief . The 1 st accused went

to the deed & then to his

garden The 2 nd accused & Osman

went towards Osman's

house the 2 nd accused carrying

the & the 2 nd accused

again threatened Osman

& went

away, Osman picked it

up & went to home

Next witness the

Phillipos Ianou

found the deceased next

the head to the

Doc 009.


& to the wet ?

blood & the pick axe about

4 paces The

same afternoon

found 5 wounds to head

and on & on jaw

fracturing the chin bone

He then went ?

home a

& great force used

Assailants behind

died & badly


can? 1 st accused

had/saw his cloths washed

next morning

On 5 Oct 1 st accused


& on the

8 th Oct 2 nd accused

to the


of Commissioner

as to 1 st accused had
been working for deceased

& left & had threatened

to kill him & the day

before the murder asking

Osman to kill the priest

shall deceased had

money in a handkerchief

Priest had been baptising


Mehmet Said

Clerk in L D O

I made a plan in

connection with this case

to I

put in Marked M S

inside is a large

of the house

Doc No, 010


back . The body was identified

as one of Papa Michaelides

I made an examination

& a P (post) M. (mortem) on the ground

underneath the head was a

quantity of blood

I the

I found a bruise

on the left shoulder,

& 2 inches long & in the

with a wound half inch

long caused by a blunt

instrument in the

of the a wound 1 inch

long on the inside of

the hand a wound 1 inch

long all caused by a blunt

instrument I examined the

skull & found a wound

on the right

reaching his brain

Nichola Papa Nicolaou

I was

on 26th

Sept I received

information & went to

a garden near the half

way house at Larnaca - Nicosia
road I then saw the

dead body of a Priest

lying on a table bed

near the wall of his house

the bed was touching the

wall. the wall looking

south the road is at

the East

The head was towards the

east & the feet to the west

the face was covered with

his covers & the

with a quilt

the body was on its

Doc No; 011.
This page is part of the Forensic evidence given by Robert William Clark


a wound at the uppper left

2 inches long

cutting the in two caused

by a cutting instrument

a wound at the lower jaw

part of the jaw bone being

driven into the mouth

done by a penetrating instrument

the entrance being

the of a 1 0

death occurred on account

of the extensive injuries.

in my opinion the 1st

blow is the one

I have mentioned

There must have been

a a whole

of the left sleeve was

& the right sleeve


Brain matter was protruding

& cerebral haemorrhage. It

was 3 inches long caused

by a cutting instrument

Another wound between


reaching the brain & brain

matter protruding 2 inches long

also caused by a cutting


a third fracture of

the & fractured bone

to the right this was

continuing to the 2nd wound

a fractured wound on right

of rejoined another

wound to the bone &

a piece of the bone entirely

running 2 inches long

another wound the

fractured 2 inches long

& deep to the bone on

the right side

Doc No; 012.
This page is part of the Forensic evidence given by Robert William Clark


the assailant must have been

friend of the Priest or

behind his head looking

towards his feet away

in the direction of the wounds

if they were


I could say if assailants

I cannot say how long


I think he called and

there was blood

on the

his hands or or

Blood had

or his cloths

would have been stained

& his been dripping

wound from the

blow to his head that

the 1st blow woke him &

he struck his hand against

the wall

all wounds on the head

were by a sharp instrument

the bruise on the shoulder

as though he had been pushed


When I examined his

arms were Straight by his

body & the body was

straight & somebody had

evidently put the body

the axe

could have caused the



axe ?? was very robust

Doc No; 13
This page is part of the Forensic evidence given by Robert William Clark


I did not notice if there

was blood on the wall

if statement marked

B the wound in jaw

& upper lip could have been

caused by a blow

was a

& if the wounds were caused

by instrument B I would

expect anything to

blood stains

The head was on a

pillow & blood on the

pillow I did not notice

blood anywhere else in

the bed . If instrument

B was used I think

there would have been

as many blows were

as wounds , wounds

I would expect to find

blood on the assailants

cloths from the instruments

had mud from the wounds


24 hours

only 2 of the wounds

on the skull were fatal

either of them could have

been fatal . He may

wounds a few

after he got either

of them blows

If s fatal blow

had been the first he would
not have struggled

Savas Michaelides

Tax collection &

of the

Doc No; 014


I accused garden

near the main road from

Nicosia to Larnaca I

the garden of Mustafa

Takka it is 3 or 4 donums

from the garden of accused

accused was making a

new garden on the

side of the road to the

old one a few days

before the murder , about 10

days accused had working

in his garden , Mustafa 1st

accused Ramadan Bekir

Ismail Potiri
Osman Sefer a cart

driver & a lame ? man

Ismail Kara

on that day

Mustafa 1st accused & Ramadan

Diplaros (ikiz)


was 58 years old?? I

was present at the inspection

I identified the body

laid?? within

No xx 11

5. 11. 24

Osman Hasan Karaoli

farmer & gardener
of Louroujina . I

area they own a

garden about 15 donums away
(written in short)
I know the accused

at this Bahaeddin


of Police Ibrahim ? be present

as it would damage his defense

Doc No; 015.
This witness is Osman Hasan Garaoli who gave evidence that Mustafa and Yusuf persuaded him to go along with them to kill the priest. He claims he was frightened but did not really believe they would do it. His statement is that he was a witness but took no part in the killing
his testimony continues on the next page Doc No; 016


the 1st accused said to me

the priest will home

a good from me

this was because he had delayed


On a day Patta??? and I

was draining the channel

in accused Mustafa Garden

the night before that day

the was

about summer I saw the

2 nd accused drawing water & the

1st accused came there , he

said to me " will you

go to kill the Priest ''

I said '' I have nothing

to do with the Priest I

am not thing with

him why should I kill him ''

then Mustafa said " let

us go " & I thinking

it was a joke said I

would go

I went to my garden

I went to the Khan (han) & the

Priest was there I remained

there till about 8 pm

He left the Khan (han) before

I did. but I was

& did not see him go?? , I

left about 8. 30 . along the

road towards Athienou the

only garden I saw was priest

sitting an his bed smoking

a cigarette . We used to

sleep in our gardens at

night . I spoke to

the Priest as I went past

I went to bed & to


While I was sleeping

accused Mustafa came there

a of

called out

I went near him

& from my hand

Doc No; 016
This witness is Osman Hasan Garaoli who gave evidence that Mustafa and Yusuf persuaded him to go along with them to kill the priest. He claims he was frightened but did not really believe they would do it. His statement is that he was a witness but took no part in the killing


I don't Know what time it

was. He said " let us go &

kill the priest '' I said

'' I am mad??? had times

with the Priest is making

us what has the

man done that I should

kill him ''

then Mustafa called

to his brother Yousouf

the 2 accused '' come here

''I want you '' He came

near me & said to me

'' want you go to have

the Priest killed '' I said

'' I will not go

Yousouf a black

from the

right side of his waist

I said " wait ? you go and

'' will have with

a I was

afriad & said I would


Doc No; 017.
On this page Osman Hasan Garaoli clearly accuses the 2 brothers of trying to involve him in helping to murder the priest


The 1st accused then went I got

my sheet off my bed & went

towards the little home of

the Priest & yousouf & I

Mustafa put the club on the

ground 5 or 6 paces from priests

house Yousouf & I stayed

by where he left the club

& Yousouf went & picked

up the pick axe near the

entrance/corner? of the house

Ex (Exhibit) B is the axe

that he used?

the house to where the

Priest was

by the road the 2nd

by the wall??? where the axe

had been . I followed

Yousouf I went close

to the foot end of the


Doc No; 018.
Osman Hasan Garaoli gives a vivid description of the murder by Yusuf and Mustafa Bairam but claims he did not take part in the killing


the head . The Priest was

moving around / about ?? quiet

but his feet were moving

Yousouf said to me why

& take

hold of ?? his feet If

finish with
don't we will

a blow of the

axe & a stab the

I ran & got hold of

the feet of the Priest

the first accused then

the axe & the

3 more times on the

head . I tried to call

out and Yousouf came &

took hold of my throat

& said '' you have come with

us all you going to call out ''

he go I went

to the pillow & pulled out

from beneath the pillow

the priests cloak

I saw the Priest he

was sleeping . His

were Yousouf & myself

Mustafa was standing

to the left of the Priest

at the head and when

he accused

the axe &

a blow

with at the head

points to right

temple He hit him

with the cutting part of

the axe . The Priest

said "Ouf & made a

sudden movement

Yousouf ran & pushed

down his hands with

the club He said to

Mustafa " give it him again?

& Mustafa raised the axe

& struck him again on

Doc No; 019
Osman Hasan Garaoli continues to give an eye witness account of the priests murder


in his hand & took out

a from the

I attempted to go away

then the 1st accused

the axe I gave another blow

to the Priest &

to go as we heard ?? footsteps

coming from the direction of

the khan I went towards

my garden & 2nd accused over-

took me, he took my hand

& said " are you going away

shall I have him

with '' we went??

about 1-5 hours from

Yousouf had a knife

I was weeping Then

1st accused came near me

Yousouf gave the handkerchief

to Mustafa , he had

the pick axe

then Mustafa went back

towards the Priests house

I saw him go right

He went &
to the house
came back
to us He went

towards his garden

When Mustafa came

he came from the road

of the Priests home

when Mustafa went

to his garden Yousouf was

holding my hand & saying

don't say anything

this with

I will finish

when I was going towards

my home I saw 2 farmers

with animals going towards

they said "what

are you doing '' I did not

answer I went towards

my garden

Doc No; 020.


after I from my

garden Yousouf said '' i am

going away & will you

mind you don't say anything

'' you have seen what we have

done to the Priest & will do

you ? worse

He turned I went away

& said " if you say anything

I evidence & we all

hanged we will

He left my shed & I took

it up & went away

next I

to my garden

& I went to the Priests house

with him

Then I saw the dead

body of the priest & the

Zaptiehs. The pick axe was

there was held by Zaptieh

Later on another

day 22 days later I went

there again with the head

Commandant I

& both of them
Mehmet ?

accused I pointed and the

places to the police the

same as I did today .

the night of the murder

I saw blood on Mustafa's


x x Baheddin

I was as

accused from the

25th Sept

Doc No; 021


from the could not

When Mustafa spoke about

the Priests end I heard he

would probably kill him

I did to his

I was afraid of them

I did not think they would

kill him

when he asked me

to kill the priest I thought

he was joking

The priest was not a

lamb that he should kill

him like that

I don't Know

I had him

my shed is about 10

donums from the station

half way House I

When ?? accused threw the


From that time until

now I have been under


Think I was later at the

Khan? then to Athienou

was there some days about

22 to

& gave my evidence in the

court ? & was detained in

the police station

I did not ask to be

allowed to go home

Ramadan Behic

was when accused 1

said the Priests end would

not be a good one.

else was

When his friend asked him

to go & kill the Priest


Doc No; 022.


The knife Yousouf showed ? me

was a big one it Was about 12


for 1st blow accused was

standing behind the Priest

towards his head

Then he went to the

end of the bed behind

the head & gave A blow

that way

I did not see accused 1

go the priests home

I did not say to them.

Mustafa I went into

the home. I said

went round the house

It was and

to me

when Mustafa went

to give the 1st blow

Yousouf 2nd accused was

He was alone at

If I had called and

it could be heard at

the & where the Priest

was. I was afraid to

call out How could

I run they had already

made up their minds ,

would they not have

killed me . I was afraid

I was afraid of both of

Yousouf too

I was

& you say with those

eyes he could to

pick up the axe


couldn't see what can

I do

accused I to

Doc No; 023


we could see the Priests

feet & half his body but

could not see his face

He looked as if he was

sleeping . Yousouf first was

at the Priest to press down

the Priests hands he

approached the Priest before

Mustafa struck the priest .

as soon as Mustafa struck

the first blow Yousouf

surged up with a knife

& then & pressed /punched?? down

the Priests hands with the
he used half

the Priest hands

his by

pressing the elbows which

with the club

I was for I

I did

not see blood from the

1st blow I saw blood

on Mustafa's sleeves as we

were leaving I did not see

blood before that . I was

at the far end & did not

see any blood

There was much blood

on Mustafa's sleeves , it

was in spots not all

over , I did not count??

the spots

He had a jacket

an a I

could see the blood spots

he came near me

He did not try to stab

the priest

saw from

blows to the Priest in

my presence after the

2nd blow accused came

away . I did not see him

give another blow.

I left first & Yusuf

followed me about

I ? paused?? & then Yusuf

took me by the arm

Doc No; 024.


we were 5. or 6 paces
away when we went

We were / went 15 paces from

the bed but Yuousouf catch /caught?

me up about ? paces & we

went to 15 paces from

the house towards my garden.

Yousouf ran towards

me at 5 or 6 paces & was

running behind me & when

we got 15 paces away

from the bed he took

my arm

I did not stop when

Yousouf caught me up at

about 6 paces , & we were

about 9 paces further

He caught my right

arm , above the elbow

I was which

arm the

accused 2 stopped me

I went with Yousouf to

my garden

I don't know how

long elapsed before I heard

the footsteps & paces

When we got to 15 paces

Mustafa came there+++

went round the house &

came past us . I don't

know how long this all

took The people were

still by the But as I

judged by the noise of the


2 nd accused left me when
to my

garden to the of


Ismail Bekir

had -was ? a garden next to the

Priest (Bekir Ismailoui )

had a bed there &

his bed is

Doc No; 025


I the bed of the

Priest is from the

bed of Ismail Mustafa? &

Ismail Mustafa? sleeps there, he

was sleeping there ( I saw him

at delivery times )

my next

in my garden

I did till the police

as they had

to see a to kill me

I was taken to the police

station at the khan & the

I did

not tell him for the same

reason He took me

to the place but did not

ask me to tell him

find I told

was the local Comander

4 days after I was arrested

days I was at

Athienou . 4 days

the did not

see me nor
did I see him

I did not see the

He did not

speak to me . There was

Zaptiehs at the station they

did not speak to me about

this matter .

They did this

story to me .

I know Mehmet Ramadan

a Zaptieh & co - village of

mine . I where

he was stationed? I did

not see him those days

at Athienou /. He did

gave me bread

& water I did not see

Mehmet at the station

I didn't know if my


Doc No; 026


I Mustafa Jaher's ? garden

I f called and then I

could hear I did not

hear anyone ? call that night

I don't know what time

it was.

did not

at Athienou station

with 2 people like

the accused Mustafa

I did

is Osman

who will give evidence

against me & will

be hanged


Could the Doctor ?

be called to compare the

witness physically with


They did think

if I said they

would make me a

I went to the L . C . P.

myself because i was sorry

for the Priest he was fond

of me & did not

& so I determined to tell the

whole truth I was

compelled to thus / those?

as they threatened to kill


I was afraid when

I told the L . C . P.

Still afraid of other people

I am not afraid now

as the law will protect


I saw Arif that night ?

ot the garden of the khan

I left I did

not see him again that


Doc No; 027


I see the shirt shown

to me I don't remember

seeing it before

I see the shown

to me it belongs to

Mustafa he was wearing

it before the crime & on

the night of the crime

is a very old

loving ? mum

On the night after the

I slept

at & could go

ahead as I There

was a Zaptieh at

That fellow villagers of mine

I am working in the

canteen of the police at

& can come &

go as I please

Doc No; 028


Before the Priest

he ? worked in his

own garden . I think he worked

for the priest about 10 days I

don't know his wages I didn't

work for the Priest

When Mustafa took

my I him which ?

if & he said

" want / wait ?

Then my to the

Priests he went

the fields round the garden

of the of

there . We thanked ??

Osman's field

His head was turned to

the road

The axe was at his /the feet

and a few feet


Doc No; 029


A before I was working

with accused 1 a for

all day they had bullied me

I did ever work with


Yousouf's was a


3 8 9 0 m p

stationed at half way house

police station I

died ? & his home . I

the night of his murder I

saw him their about

9 or 9. 30 at his bed

accused 1 went all round

the house to the road

& both to the Priest

accused 1 used both hands

He was one or 2 feet away

from the bed

The Priest did not move

his head that I could

see his quilt was over

him before he was

struck right up to his

neck & when he moved

about the quilt came to

his waist . I left

1 accused at the Priest

he came up to us afterwards

quiet close & I saw blood

on both arms , he was not

holding the axe .

accused are farmers &


Doc No; 030.


in his garden working a

I had seen him

eating there at

khan at about

8 or 8 . 30 . I

& saw him at 9 or 9.30

I finished at

10. 30 P.M at the khan

I written information ?

I went to the

garden of Mustafa Patta ?

about 1 or 1 half donums from

the station as a result

of what he said I saw

1st accused Mustafa I gave

him a letter he came

to the police station & I

gave him a letter for

the police station at Louroujina

He went off with it .

I went and I returned

at 3 A M .

I did any police

at the half way house .

On the way back from

I met police Achilles Theodorou

We went to the police

station they stood there & I went

to Khan

at about I met

Phillippos I Koursari

& he to me I went

with him to the

of deceased I saw the body

of the Priest there his bed

was ? to the east & face to

the wall His head was

warm but had blood on

it & he was dead I sent

the P C to the police

station & he returned with

& &

I was sent to

Doc No; 031.


towards the garden of Mustafa

& when to a

either to Louroujina &

He called the 1 st accused
Pattas & he replied

I I did not

recognise his voice but it was

like it I am certain??

it was 1st accused who

replied he said

I waited for

& then I called &

said " are you coming "

he replied & I went back

to the station & remained ?

after 1 accused came there

& I gave him the letter

& sent him to Louroujina

( about 2 )

I went again

as this was a

with a letter

I know Osman Hasan

Karaoli I saw him at

the khan that evening I

was not there when he left.

I did not notice when he

left When I went

the Priests home


I did not go as far as

Osman's garden I went

by the Priests

& of the

Louroujina people

the garden of

++++++++ I was in

When I got back it

was about 10.30 & I walked

Doc No; 032


Mustafa was arrested

& Ismail also

accused 1 came to

He stood About

6 paces away I did not

notice what set of cloths he

had . It was a dark



on the 25 th Sept I

left Athienou to go to

the half way house I left

about 4 a m & got there

about I

& his house as

I was I called

out to him " get up

I to the 1st mile

& back . I went

about 11 I came back

about 3 The station is

about the 13th mile stone

I waited Patta

I the

10 mile stone an the main

road going towards Larnaca

He is a I must

the Khan

standing & waiting I went

to the Khan to wait for

a to

the Priests garden is minutes

from that khan .

that road is right

the I went

to deceaseds garden & found an

old jacket there & took

it It is at the police


Doc No; 033.


station at Louroujina

on the night of Sept 24


The 1st accused Mustafa brought

me a at 10 minutes

to 11 P. M I went to

the half way house I

went to tell the

I did not see 1st accused

again that night

next morning I saw

the of Athienou & went

to the scene of the murder

& then I found an axe

( ex B identified ) 4 paces

from the body towards


there was blood

on it I could see the

blood on the cutting part

of it I

Ahmed who gave it

back to me & I took

He did not answer &

I turned my round

& saw blood the head

I saw blood on the

ground & pillow His

gown was hanging from the

head end of his bed

I informed the police

x x a Bahaeddin

there was blood

on the pillow & his

was the

I went
the the gown

laying down had blood

on it

No 4 2 5 5 C M P

Doc No; 034


it to the

who gave it back to


I also found a pair

of The

to me 2 paces

from the body .

to the

of the left sleeve of

the deceased

I saw the shirt

to me it was the one

deceased was wearing

x x
There is blood on ? that

shirt . I 1st accused

I left at

11 & went to 13 mile

stone of the Louroujina road

I did not look at my watch

at the 13th mile I did

not at the station

at the Khan I found

Yusuf Moustafuri

there was no one at

the station when I arrived

I went to the upper

Khan & met Moustafa

Moustafuri . The Khan

towards Louroujina ? I ,

went to the 16 th ? mile

& the country

at 3 A .M I returned to

the station & did not

I met ? my commander ?

arif on my way & the

cart driver who

the things
I would later & then

came around 3 or

3 - 30

Doc No; 035.


I did not go anywhere till

the morning I stayed at

the police station

Ahmet did

not go away from the station

after 3. 30

Ahmet took a statement

from the cart driver

I wrote ? a letter that night

I woke about 5 . 30 A. M .

The sun was not up

We went to the scene

of the murder

Ahmet Ali

4 0 9 9 C . M . P

stationed at Louroujina

on 24 Sept I was at

Dali I went to the

half way house station

I think I left at 1 A M

& arrived about 3 . 30

I saw Theodorou there .

next morning I went

to the home of deceased priest

He had a quilt over

him left arm by his

side legs close tighter ? &

straight out ?

Later the

around & I went to home

of first accused.

I had

a number of persons

watching the two accused

When the

came out ? around

the 1 st accused

1 st accused

were & asked

where the cloths

have taken off He

said the cloths were in

his shed & we went

Doc No; 036


They were dripping wet & that

they were just that

were on them

Exs D E identified

I took the

Ex C from Osman's

bed I

Put in marked A A 1.

I came

from Dali that night

Dali is

of Lourijina I was

I about 1 .

half mile from Lourijina

I did not make any

there I saw them

at 3 - 3 0 & had my


my companion? about 4 . 0

in that direction Before we

got to the main road he

said the cloths are not at

the shed they are at my

I gave them to my

mother to wash '' them

the L. C. P & accused

Muostafa went to Louroujina

to accused's home The L (police)
asked accused's mother for the

cloths accused's had later off

& he said '' they are at the

home of my Emine

to have them washed We

all went to Emine's home &

the L. C. P asked her about

them & she handed us a

basket of cloths

& water

The accused mother took out

a shirt & & said these

are his cloths

Doc No; 037.


the I went

to the priests gardens about

5 .3 0 or 6 I slept a little

I saw the body of the

priest & I saw his cloths

I saw blood on his bedding

his head & blood

on his gown under the pillow

lying down from the bed

I did not see any

blood on his chest

there was blood on the

wall & some brain

I Osman about

7 A . M was the

I arrested 1st accused 5

or ten minutes after Osman

& the 2 nd accused about 10

minutes later

I asked him for his

old cloths


The L. C. P spoke in

about his other cloths

I don't

remember his exact works

I said to accused 1 ''are

your cloths at the shed & we are

seeing them

accused said the cloths

''I have taken off for my

mother to wash ''

we arrived at Lourijina

before noon

Robert William

on the 26 th Sep I

receivred a

a pick axe for

I found a patch of

blood on the under side

of the cutting end Ex

T. C I identified

Doc No; 038.


there is no blood at the


on the 27 th I received

from Ahmet 4099

2 cautions / Curtains ?

a & no

blood on them I returned


Ex A. 1


On Sept 29 th I received

from the

3 cautions

Exs D, E. identified

there was not any blood

on any of them

x x y

there was no blood

on the of the blade

of the axe

Doc No; 039

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