Murder of the priest and murder trial of 1924. Page 1

The Enosis Plebiscite in Lurucina on 25 March 1921[1] created a lot of tension in the village. Papa Charalambous Michelides signature as head of the Lurucina Church can be seen on the left below the name of the village. The advances made by the Greek army in Turkey between 1919-1921 created an atmosphere of confidence that a Christianisation policy by the priest would be successful. Sadly this finally led to his murder and subsequently the hanging of the two brothers Moustafa Bairam Pattas and Yousouf Bairam Pou

[1] Biblion du phsithisman 1921 by the Cyprus information office.
Kindly shared by Andreas Menelaos

hanging  judgement  Lurucina 2

The hanging as shown in the above document was confirmed on the 20th November 1924

From. Akıncılar (Lurucina) Türkleri'nin Yüzyıllık Varoluş Mücadelesi. Sayfa 44. by Hasan Yücelen

hanging  judgement Lurucina

The death sentence was given on 17 November 1924.

From; Akincilar (Lurucina) Türkleri'nin Yüzyllk Varolu Mücadelesi. Sayfa 44.
by Hasan Yücelen

The documents of the court case were collected from the National archives by Mustafa Izzet a relative of Mustafa and Yusuf Bairam. Mustafa bey asked me to decipher the writing, in return he has given his kind permission to share these valuable historic archives on this website for the benefit of our village folk, and anyone interested in the history of our village.

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This page lists the witness for the prosecution. Please note that the sister of the 2 accused brothers, Doudou (Dudu) Bairam is on the list Numbered 3. It seems she was called as a witness for the prosecution. Her testimony is on pages numbered 147-148.

The following documents are originals handwritten from the court case. The handwriting was extremely difficult and painstaking to decipher. Apologies in advance for any errors made by me during the translation. I hope my own handwriting (in red) can be read.

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This page is part of the Forensic evidence given by Robert William Clark

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This page continues with the Forensic evidence given by Robert William Clark

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A graphic description of the wounds with the Forensic evidence by Robert William Clark.

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The witness Osman Hasan Garaoli who gave evidence that Mustafa and Yusuf persuaded him to go along with them to kill the priest. He claims he was frightened but did not really believe they would do it. His statement is that he was a witness but took no part in the killing
his testimony continues on the next page

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Pages 62-63 below (147 and 148) of the court records deal with the statement of Mustafa's and Yusuf's sister Dudu Bairam. Sadly many of the words are hard to read but it seems that her forced testimony was incriminating and damaging to her brothers. The decision to force Dudu Bairam to act as a witness for the prosecution may have been a deciding factor in the jury returning a verdict of guilty on her brothers. The result was that she was, for all intents and purposes condemned to a life of immense shame and guilt to which she had to carry the burden to her grave.

page 110 records the circumstances surrounding the arrest and questioning of Mustafa Bairam. The police attempts to force Mustafa to admit to his brothers guilt in order to save his own life is very obvious. Massive pressure was brought to bear on Mustafa. Lets not forget that for a simple illiterate person with mental immaturity, the offer of a confession in return for his life gave him little option but to admit to a crime he may or may not have committed. In affect he was manipulated to tie the noose around his own neck.

In spite of the massive difficulty of deciphering the hand writing I'm pretty confident that enough has been deciphered to understand the meaning of Dudu's testimony.

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This and the next Doc's; is the evidence of the 2 accused brothers own sister. It turned out to be devastating for her brothers and no doubt her testimony must have haunted her for the rest of her life.

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The important document above has been typed for easier reading.

Nicosia Assize, Louroujina murder case sxh I.S.M.3 7.11.24
Mustafa Bairam Pattas duly cautioned in law 1 of 1886 of order in Council 1882 States- I want to say that the statement I made against Osman we were threatened by the Zaptiehs that I we don't give evidence against Osman we should be hanged that we should suffer they said"tell against Osman- you are ...? speak against Osman" "the two of you will make Osman to fall down because you are the two. And you say against him because he has said against you they have released him. You say against him we shall catch him and release you "they had captured us for 22 days-they used to come day & night and they used to ask us me speak against Osman "we shall release you then shall catch him who is the cause"
We got paid and at once we paid 20 but it is not true. At the moment when the head Commandant took us to the spot ...? ....? those places he told us we were the people who commited the crime

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