Lurucina Restoration project
Köyümüzün Restorasyon projesi

The photos on this page are the courtesy of
Yasemin Mesda

Yasemin Mesda 14

Yasemin Mesda

Yasemin mesda 18

Yasemin Mesda & the project team

Yasemin Mesad 5

Lurucinali's at the coffee shop


yasemin mesad

Köy meydani/ village square

Yasemin Mesad 8

General view of the village

Panoramic view of the village

Courtesy of Yasemin Mesda 7
Courtesy of Yasemin Mesda 9

Exterior walls of the Han Interior walls of the Han Cracks on the adobe wall

Courtesy of Yasemin Mesda 4
Courtesy of Yasemin Mesda 3

The following photos have been shared by courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail

Raziye Kocaismail is well known to the people of Lurucina for her news broadcasts on BRT in fluent Greek. In recent years her activities in raising cancer awareness and leading charities in that field has seen her catapulted to the forefront of familiar faces in the TRNC. This page however will concentrate on her immense and diverse abilities, not least that of restoring her family's former home into what can best be described as a masterpiece of creativity. The restoration has raised massive awareness of what can be achieved when love, thought and determination combine to turn her home into what can be best described as a museum to the tools and everyday items used by our ancestors in Lurucina. The thought and care is all to apparent. Her inspirational masterpiece has shown what can be achieved in a village that was until recently practically neglected and falling into ruin. If all the above wasn't enough she is now attempting what until recently was considered a pipedream. Her contacts with British residents in Cyprus has now opened the village to visitors on weekend trips which may see Lurucina as a future destination to view Cypriot village life in its original form. Together with the restoration committee this beautiful village, once the largest Turkish Cypriot village in Cyprus may not reach its former levels of population, but people like Raziye and the committee of restoration needs all the support they can get. It remains to the rest of us to help raise awareness and congratulate everyone involved in giving hope where only a short while ago was considered impossible. Last but not least a thankyou to Chris Elliot who is involved with Raziye in encouraging Brirish residents to spent weekend visits and dining in our village's restored restaurants. One thing is certain the famous Kup kebab's and mezes of Lurucina is once again giving pleasure to our visitors. Lurucina is once again on the move.

Ismail Veli 'Kirlapo'

Courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail 28
Courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail 27
Courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail 33
Courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail 35
Courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail 39
Yasemin Mesda resmi
Courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail 30
Courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail 29
Courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail 37

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